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About Us

Zassm Leather Jackets is reviewed and given a thumbs up by top websites and influencers. You can check out our press and mentions page to learn more.

We realise that buying a leather jacket online can be a little scary. After all, it’s a fair chunk of money and what if it doesn’t fit? Or you don’t like it? Or it takes forever to arrive?

We’ve been there ourselves as internet customers. In fact my best ever experiences buying online have been with the really small companies. The ones who sell a product they are passionate about, and who go out of their way to make sure my shopping experience is a happy one.

Our Products

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We’re Here for You.

At Zassm, we’re creators with a vision of purpose. We’re 100% focused on the customer and understanding the individual expectations of our valued clients, wherever they work, rest or play. We can’t wait to share our beautiful catalogue of high quality garments with you!

Your Style Destination For Leather

As an International design company, we’re at home in the style capital, London. Zassm is committed to provide beautiful leather jackets to our valued clients across the country. Our showcase covers an exceptional range of high quality casual and special event garments that will become standout key pieces in any wardrobe. 

Quality Without Compromise

Once our product gets to you, you will immediately notice the attention to detail and care that goes into the production of the pieces we create. With superb quality and a superb fit at the core of our promise to the customer, we have prioritised fit, comfort and individuality in every design.